Monitoring and Alerts

Receive immediate alerts of unauthorized activites including a copy of the actual SMS, MMS or unauthorized phone number in question directly to your smart phone in real time

View activity on your employee's smart phone by date, status, time, action and detail

Mark contacts as suspicious or approved

Monitor and alert all incoming and outgoing:

  • Phone Calls
  • Address Book Changes
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Calendar Updates
  • Photo, Video (MMS)
  • Task Updates

Application Blocking

Block new and existing applications on your employee's smart phone, including:

  • Web Browser
  • Social Networking Apps (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)
  • Mobile Games (Bejewled, etc.)
  • Instant Message Apps (Yahoo Messenger, AIM, etc.)

Blocked applications instantly become password protected. Grant temporary access to apps as needed.

Contextual Activity Log Search

Search contextually for all SMS and emails, giving you instant access to critical data in seconds.

Authorized Smart Phone Contact List

Configure authorized/unauthorized contacts for your employees

Automatically cross-check of all calls, emails and SMS against the authorized contact list

Notification Controls

Configure email/SMS where alerts are to be sent

Toggle notification on or off

Management Dashboard

View all communication sent and received from the monitored device, including all pictures and content

Monitor blocked applications, and received instant alerts to unauthorized usage

Monitor multiple devices and employees with one online account, simplifying enterprise activity monitoring

Set alerts, remote device PIM wipe and print reports

Support, Administration and Documentation

Online support is provided to help learn, manage and use Blackbox Mobile:

  • Download product manuals and documentation
  • Report problems and submit trouble tickets
  • Access and update account and security inforation
  • Remotely wipe employee's device if lost or stolen
  • restore contact information to replacement smart phone